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The Ministry to Reflect was born in 06/16/1996 in order to bring to the hearts of the entire world a daily portion of God's word. It began as a pioneering work and today is the biggest in the world (in this kind of ministry). Great things have already been accomplished by God through this ministry, He is still working, and will continue to do so, always. It has, as its goal, all religions and even atheist segments, not only in Brazil, but also to people from all around the world. Messages are sent in Portuguese, Spanish and English, reaching all the earth's continents. We want to bring to everybody, not just a religious word, but, a message of hope and faith, joy and peace, comfort and edification.

Besides messages (nowadays, reaching more than five million people daily), the Ministry to Reflect gives spiritual counseling and provides material for churches, web sites and radio programs in Brazil and abroad. Many pastors and seminarians use the messages in their sermons and bulletins. Some companies print the messages and hang them on their employees' murals. Even some secular newspapers ask for authorization to publish the messages in their cities.

The Ministry to Reflect also works with videos, called "Moment to Reflect." A little message of edification and spiritual growth. Another project that will soon be underway is the sending of messages through the smartphones that have the `Whatsapp' app.

The Ministry to Reflect started when Pr. Paulo Barbosa, after his return from Singapore where he attended a Graduate course with the Haggai Institute, suffered a medical error in São Paulo - Brazil, that caused him to become completely blind. He uses the computer with the help of a voice synthesizer that translates, through audio, everything that appears on the monitor screen.

The people that participate in the Ministry to Reflect, are from all segments of our society: politicians, journalists, representatives of the media in general, TV artists, and people from all professions and locations

The reflections are sent free of charge and all are welcome to our ministry. Visit our social networks below to view daily messages.

Ministry Pictures


Hello Paulo!.
I'm very happy to receive your emails and whenever I arrive at my job, the first thing I do is check my emails to read your messages...
One very tough day, some time ago, I opened my email and realized that those words were written to me:
“02/01/98 – It’s OK”, you said, “don’t be afraid! You are not going to die because of this!”
That day I was about to commit a folly and this word supported me…