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My Story

I was born in a very poor household, and for a long time, lived in houses without any structure and with roofs of corrugated zinc sheet. I grew revolted, dreamless and hopeless. I used to walk with the certainty that I would not get anywhere. Everything got worse when, at age 17, I lost my mother. I ended up living on the street, sleeping under the awning of the shops. I was sad and had no friends.

One day I received a strange invitation: "Jesus is waiting for you." Of course, I did not want to accept such an invitation, but something drove me to the church of the person who invited me. I liked what I saw, but I did not want to know anything about churches. Suddenly a hand pushed me... was it that 14 year old girl? Or God Himself? I gave my life to Jesus and everything began to change.

My transformation was complete and fast. Then I went to a seminary, I graduated from the Faculdade Evangélica de Teologia (Theological University) in Brazil and the revolt ended... the sadness disappeared... a new Paulo started a better life. I became a missionary, working as the Executive Secretary of WEC International. I served with O.M. - Operation Mobilization, preparing the visit of Doulos ship to Brazil. I was editor of CEBIMI - Centro Brasileiro de Informações Missionárias (Brazilian Center for Missionary Information), that published the Koinonia Missions magazine, and where I compiled the book `Despertando para Missões' (Awakening To Missions), used in various theological institutions in Brazil. I worked at AMTB - Associação de Missões Transculturais do Brasil (Crosscultural Association in Brazil) and COMIBAM - Congreso Misionero Ibero Americano that had the slogan "Luz Para Las Naciones". I received invitations from United Bible Society, Centro Para Desarrollo Cristiano de La América Latina, Youth With a Mission (Washington-DC) and others.

My ministry has achieved great success and I was invited to be a pastor of the Igreja Batista da Lagoinha in Belo Horizonte-MG-Brazil. I was ordained to the pastoral ministry there, working in the city of Matozinhos-MG-Brazil, and later in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I stayed for over 8 years. I left the pastorate in Rio de Janeiro after being invited to do a postgraduate course in the Haggai Institute in Singapore, where I concluded the "Advanced Leadership Training'. Upon returning, my life and my ministry suffered a great shock. through a medical error, I became completely blind.

Everything seemed to be over, but God had new plans for me. I obtained a voice synthesizer program and started a new missionary ministry through the internet. In the beginning it was simple enough, with a small list of friends to which I sent daily messages of reflection. What I did not know was that this small missionary work would become the largest work of its kind worldwide. Today not just 10 or 15 people are receiving daily messages, but at least 5 million people around the world.

After a while I realized the need to also reach the Spanish-speaking countries and today all countries that speak Spanish are included in the Ministry To Reflect, in the Americas and in Europe as well. We are also sending messages in English and, I hope to soon have all the countries of the world reached with our messages.

So many people requested it, so I started to put my messages in books. I have published 10 books and I am preparing others to be published in the three languages of our Ministry.

The Ministry to Reflect, also offers video messages. The "Moment to Reflect" is already a reality and I am preparing with my son Bruno, a translation system with subtitles, so everyone can be reached. Another novelty is the system of sending messages by the smartphone application, "Whatsapp", which already reaches almost all Portuguese-speaking countries and Hispanic too.

The Ministry has many projects, and endless struggles to reach them. However, I have trusted the amazing grace of the Lord God to sustain me and this missionary ministry. I will keep looking for more and more growth of this work to bless their lives. All of this for the honor and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Pr. Paulo Roberto Barbosa - CEO - Ministry To Reflect Inc.