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Testimony of Influential People about Ministry

"To speak about the work of Pastor Paulo is, to me, to give homage to an overcomer. I think God has forged his chosen ones in the same way we forge steel, that cannot be laminated into a noble sword until it melts and loses its original shape. However, the fire used by Him is the Holy Spirit, who invests in us the super human power to reach our destiny safely, and proportions great things in our lives. His blessed life and his inspiring work has been irrefutable proof of the power of God. The light of his evangelizing messages reveal how much the Ministry to Reflect has contributed to the divulging of the Word of God in all continents. There is no greater miracle than this."

Benedita da Silva
Ex-Senator and Governor of Rio de Janeiro, and present day Federal Deputy

I came to know the Pastor through his brilliant ministry, already revived, after going through the terrible valley. After 11 years accompanying his ministry closely and the marvelous fruit that reaches innumerable lives through the internet, his books and his lectures, I can affirm that his recipe for a victorious life is that, even having been troubled in so many ways, he did not suffer anguish; though in the face of challenges he was perplexed, he did not become discouraged; though he was cast down, God did not allow him to be destroyed. Throughout these 11 years, I have passed on his messages to all my colleagues of the Ministério Público Federal (Federal Public Ministry) throughout Brazil, being, as they could not otherwise be, innumerable Procuradores da Repúplica (Republic Attorneys) have been blessed by his ministrations.

Fernando de Almeida Martins
Republic Attorney of the Minas Gerais State

"I have had the honor of enjoying the friendship of Pastor Paulo Roberto Barbosa for more than 20 years. Encouraged by his sons, who have always been by his side in all circumstances, Pastor Paulo has overcome the pain and suffering to dedicate himself to the MINISTRY TO REFLECT body, soul and spirit."

Eude Martins da Silva
Pastor and Executive Director of Editora Vida

"The daily electronic messages of Pr. Paulo Barbosa have reached individuals in the most different corners of the globe, taking to them words of instruction, challenge, consolation and encouragement.

Rev. Alderi Souza de Matos
Presbyterian Post graduate Centre Andrew Jumper)

"I praise GOD for Pr. Paulo Roberto Barbosás life, who, in spite of the not always favorable circumstances, in spite of the limitations in all spheres (spiritually, materially, physically), he faces his call and goes forth firmly. His messages could be an inspiration from Heaven, because they fit in perfectly the day I read them. There were days when through this short reading, I would be strengthened, comforted and encouraged."

Valquiria Alves Gomes de Queiroz
Lawyer - Bethel Baptist Church - SP

"The life of Pr. Paulo Barbosa is an instrument of comfort, encouragement, edification and strengthening for millions of people in all parts of the world, who daily seek in his messages courage and guidance for their lives."

Pr Geremias Bento da Silva
Director of Missions and Social Assistence of CBB National Missions

"When some brothers of my church shared with me the desire to visit Pr. Paulo, to know his home better, his sons, and his primordial needs, we fixed a date in order to personally appraise the challenges of a blind pastor. At his house, we did not find a frail man, with rounded shoulders, or heavy visage; on the contrary, we were in the presence of a giant, not only for his physical stature, but because of his fortitude and wholeness of heart. I thought: 'What a great loss!' His attitude said to me: 'God is with me. I will continue to announce the penetrating message of the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes, while the Lord gives me life.' "

Liane Reis
Journalist, French Professor, Université de Nancy
Member of the Mission Council of the Bethany Presbyterian Church - Niteroi - RJ

"Pr. Paulo Roberto is part of a group that the Bible cites as those who "out of weakness were made strong" and they are, for this reason, included in the list of heroes of the faith. We had the joy of counting on this beloved brother in the membership roll of our dear church, Igreja Presbiteriana Betânia. This has allowed us to closely accompany his struggles and constant victories in reaching thousands of lives through his messages, compiled in his books. There are innumerable testimonies of transformed lives through the Ministry To Reflect."

Rev. Josué Rodrigues de Oliveira
Bethany Presbyterian Church - Niteroi - RJ